Ethelind Fearon

British author of non-fiction and some children's fiction. She had quite an eclectic selection of books published, mainly cookery books, but also some on gardening, animal husbandry and a few other disparate bits and pieces. Her fiction consisted of a handful of children's adventures/animal stories, including one pony book. This can be hard to find, especially for non-British collectors.

Horse & Pony Books:

Fairly rare
SUMMARY: When the Pluckrose family visit the circus at Olympia they end up bringing back one of the performers - a pony they call Hoppy due to his ability to jump. He wasn't the best performer in the circus due to his unpredictable temperament and they soon find that his jumping is also rather unpredictable too….

Collector's Info:
Can be quite hard to find, although there are usually one or two copies around. Prices can vary quite a lot.